What are earthworm castings?

Castings aka vermicompost is the end product from the digestive breakdown of organic matter by earthworms.  Castings are easy to use, odorless, and completely child and pet friendly. They can not burn your plants like man-made fertilizers. Castings contain thousands of beneficial microorganisms and available nutrients allowing immediate healthly plant growth.  In addition, castings have a natural time release and therefore supply nutrients for a significant period of time. 

Earthworm castings and Casting Tea can be used for all your growing needs...

  • Vegetable and flower gardens
  • Turf Management
  • Soil enhancement/amendment
  • Large and Small Scale Farming
  • Composting
  • Indoor planting
  • Landscaping

  What do we offer?

Our castings are produced using Canadian night crawlers and do not contain any fillers, so you will receive the highest concentrated quality of castings available. Waste products such as food scraps and manures are not used in the production of our castings. Our products are currently being used by organic farmers, professional sports teams, golf courses and casual gardeners to provide economical and sustainable alternitives to the chemicals that are killing our soils and polluting our water ways. 

We offer a variety of bag sizes to fit your specific needs ranging from 5lbs up to 2000 lbs.

We also offer everything you need to make high quality worm tea.

Check out our Online Store and start growing with natures finest...

Worm Castings...You Can't Grow It Better!

Benefits of Worm Castings and Tea


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Worm Castings are
nature's FINEST for 
all your growing needs!




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