Application Rates

Lawns - new

Apply 10lbs per 100 sq ft. Work lightly into top soil. Mix in grass seed or place sod then water well.  The best way to achieve and even distribution is with our ECO Lawn Spreader. An easy way to calculate the number of pounds you will need is to divide the total number of square feet to be treated by 10. Example: A 60x40 area would be 2400 sq ft, therefore 2,400/10 = 240lbs of castings required. We suggest you consider adding a 15% increase to allow for overlap while spreading and other waste that may occur. For the same 2400sq ft lawn that would be an additional 260 lbs of castings.

Lawns - established

Evenly distribute as a top dress at a rate of 10lbs per 100sq ft in early spring and early fall. The best way to achieve an even distribution is with our ECO Lawn Spreader.

Vegetables and Annual Flowers

Line bottom and sides of plant holes and seed furrows with 1" - 2" of Earthworm Castings.  Set seeds or plants in place and cover with soil. Side dress during growing season at a rate of 1/2" per plant or 1 cup per linear foot of row once every 2 months.  


Work 1/2 cup into the soil above the plants root  zone taking care not to damage shallow roots. Apply in early spring, early summer and, early fall.

Potted Plants, Window Boxes, or Hanging Baskets established

Add 1" - 2" of Earthworm Castings to top soil. Mix in taking care not to damage shallow roots. Repeat every 2 - 3 months.

Roses, Trees, Shrubs, and Berries. New or freshly transplanted.

Mix 1 part Earthworm Castings to 3 parts soil.  Surround newly dug hole with mixture. Spread roots over a mound of the mix in the hole and cover. 

Roses, Trees, Shrubs, and Berries. Established.

Mix 4 cups of Earthworm Castings in to soil 2" - 3" below surface of each plant. .

Casting Tea

 5 gallons of tea will cover up to 1 acre of plant life. 

Aerated Worm Casting Tea - Click here to learn more about worm tea. 

Non Aerated Worm Casting Tea - Soak 1 part Earthworm Castings in 3 parts water for 12 -24 hours.  Stir well and water as usual.  Casting Tea can also be used on any plant (Castings themselves can never over fertilize a plant even if used as the only soil medium).  The left over castings will still be an excellent source of nutrition for your plants so be sure to use them as well.

Compost Piles

Spread a thin layer of Earthworm Castings between each new layer of material to be composted. The castings will reduce odor, speed up the compostings process, and assist in removing harmful nematodes and fungi. 




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